Cory Long


What Do I Do?

Work at Holmes Custom

Create fun projects in my spare time

Write quality code

Keep my functions small, focused, and easy to understand

Leave comments as I create and maintain code

Make tests for the code I write

Document every feature

Keep track of every bug

Strictly follow security best practices

Never stop learning

What Do I Know?

  • JavaScript, PHP, C#, Python, and several other programming languages
  • How to write efficient queries in both MySQL and MSSQL
  • How to design user friendly UX with CSS3, Bootstrap, and SASS
  • How to do awesome things with the HTML5 Canvas Element
  • APIs such as Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon MWS, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and several more
  • How to use a feature/dev/master branch workflow in Git
  • How to configure Apache, setup CRONs, manage packages, exit VIM, and other Linux Sys Admin tasks
  • Dozens of Sublime Text shortcuts
  • How to interpret Google Analytics metrics
  • The ins and outs of the Magento E-commerce platform
  • When WordPress is the right tool for the job
  • How to ask a great question on Stack Overflow

What Have I Built?


SimplyStamps is one of several E-commerce websites have I built along with my team at Holmes Custom. It uses the Magento platform and has been extended to include several features for staff and customers.

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Product Customization Engine

This Product Customization Engine was built using HTML5 Canvas and Fabric.JS. It includes a wide range of features including curved text, monochroming images, shapes, a large font selection, bulk ordering, and much more.

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Landgrab is a game where players build empires and fight for control of the world. It makes heavy use of the Google Maps API. It is featured on several gaming sites such as GleamPlay.

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Karma Dilemma

Karma Dilemma is a game where humans and bots compete against each other in 2 by 2 decision matrix games. It includes a complete public API for programmers to build bots to play the game.

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Big World

Big World is a social network that takes place on Google Maps. It makes use of my Embedica library below.

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Embedica is a JavaScript library I built that converts links into embed HTML for several sites including Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Soundcloud, Vocaroo, Videos, and Images, and turning other links into hyperlinks. It makes heavy use of regular expressions to parse input.

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What Is Holmes Custom?

I have been employed by Holmes Custom since early 2015. My responsibilities include migrating their brands from to PHP on a Magento platform, developing a feature rich design wizard for creating customized products, developing systems to interact with Amazon and other 3rd party sellers, building internal tools and reporting systems, and much more.

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