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You are pilot HARRY NEUMANN, the newest of one of the New UN Spacy's Tactical Sound Units!

Well, you still weren't sure of the exact details of what your job in a TSU would entail, but you couldn't really imagine any of it to be good. Maybe that was why you had eventually agreed to get drinks with your newly assigned wingmate, Lara.

"Ooooh, special forces, huh?" Lara grins as two of you take a seat at the Gladius' bar.

You could see that it was well adorned with all sorts of pilot memorabilia and knickknacks. Pictures, toy valkyries, and signed posters of various galactic idols and celebrities. It certainly did feel more homely than the cold, sterile appearance of the rest of the ship.

"That's right." You nod. "And you?"

"Guess you could say I'm a bit of a local around here!" Lara grins with unrestrained pride. "My family came out to this sector with the original colonization fleet!"

"Really now?" You nod. Obviously, with the advent of space travel, as well as the near extinction of the human race at the hands of a hostile Zentradi fleet, the UN and the subsequent New UN pushed hard for colonization in the last 50 years both to expand humanity's reach in the stars as well as hedge humanity's survival against a similarly destructive event.

"Yep!" Lara nods in confirmation. "How about you? Where'd you hail from?"

>Born and raised on Earth.
>I'm from one of the older colonies.
>I'm from a colony so far out even I don't remember what it's called.
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